Application Installation Q&A

The following questions are related to installing and uninstalling applications.

For security reasons, ".wgt" application package files cannot be installed on a TV through USB.

However, you can use the USB Demo Packaging Tool, which allows you to create a ".tmg" package and license file that can be installed on a TV using a USB removable drive. The USB Demo Packaging Tool is available in the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

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Not only consumer Samsung TVs but also hotel TVs do not support automatic launching for applications installed through USB.
Hotel TVs, however, support automatical launch of applications installed from the Samsung application server since Tizen 6.5. For information on Hotel TVs, contact Samsung Tech Sales team.

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No. All application data is deleted when the application is uninstalled, and cannot be recovered.

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No. Preinstalled applications cannot be removed.

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