WebAssembly Emscripten

Here you can download Emscripten SDK modified by Samsung. It has Samsung Smart TV specific APIs added and some bugs fixed, compared to the original versions.

Emscripten SDK

Release Notes

  • Toolchain:

    • Set environment to be Tizen by default (ENVIRONMENT_MY_BE_TIZEN = 1).
    • Introduced custom versioning x.y.z.t - with t part added by Samsung.
      Version can now be checked as: emcc --version
    • Changelog added in emsdk/README.Samsung.md
    • Fixed issue with Emscripten cache on a freshly downloaded toolchain.
    • Fixed issue with undefined _emscripten_futex_wake function.
  • Tizen WASM Player:

    • Added support for async AppendPacket method family.
    • Added detailed error codes (instead of general ones).
    • Fixed minor memory leak when a player is destroyed.
    • Fixed compilation issues when using '-Os' flag.
    • Expanded code documentation.
  • Known Issues:

    • select() syscall does not support mixed type (files and sockets) file descriptors