WebAssembly Emscripten

Here you can download Emscripten SDK modified by Samsung. It has Samsung Smart TV specific APIs added and some bugs fixed, compared to the original version.

Emscripten SDK

Release Notes

  • Toolchain:

    • enabled full filesystem support by default (required for Tizen Sockets),
    • enabled usage of select() and poll() without timeout,
    • fixed excessive CPU usage of poll()/select(),
    • fixed filesystem and sockets-related memory leaks,
    • fixed missing export: _emscripten_futex_wake,
    • Tizen TV WASM versioning was updated, now with runtime detection of features supported by Tizen WASM APIs on a current platform.
  • Tizen WASM Player:

    • added asynchronous AddTrack method variant (preferred over synchronous one),
    • added API to choose either hardware or software decoding mode,
    • added support for using Video Texture mode on a side thread with offscreen canvas,
    • added support for closed captions,
    • disabled console logging by default (it can be re-enabled by setting TIZEN_EMSS_DEBUG),
    • fixed a problem causing some listeners not to be unregistered properly,
    • fixed a problem with resolution and framerate parameters not being ignored for audio tracks,
    • fixed a RegisterCurrentGraphicsContext ambiguous error when called on wrong thread,
    • fixed error codes on legacy platforms,
    • fixed some C++ methods throwing JS exceptions (thus bypassing C++ code) instead of returning a proper error code.
  • Emscripten ports:

    • added FFmpeg port,
    • enabled cURL to use poll() internally for increased performance on Tizen Sockets,
    • fixed SDL2_image multithreaded build.