WebAssembly Emscripten

Here you can download Emscripten SDK modified by Samsung. It has Samsung Smart TV specific APIs added and some bugs fixed, compared to the original version.

Emscripten SDK

Installing Emscripten SDK

  1. Download the Emscripten SDK suitable to your operating system (Linux, Windows and Mac are supported)
  2. Uncompress the SDK:
    • Unzip the downloaded emscripten-<version>-<os>.zip file
  3. Activate the SDK:
    • Enter emscripten-release-bundle/emsdk directory
    • Execute command:
      • Linux and Mac OS: ./emsdk activate latest-fastcomp
      • Windows OS: emsdk activate latest-fastcomp

After successful activation a configuration file is created and typically located in current user's home directory:

  • Linux OS: /home/<user>/.emscripten
  • Mac OS: /Users/<user>/.emscripten
  • Windows OS: C:\Users\<user>\.emscripten

The file is required by Tizen Studio for building WebAssembly modules.

Release Notes


  • Added suppport for sockets implemented on Tizen TV (-s ENVIRONMENT_MAY_BE_TIZEN=1 link option must be used to enable it)
  • Fixed pthread_join not waiting for cleanup handlers to finish
  • Fixed pthread_cond_wait cancelation point
  • Fixed pthread_exit behaviour
  • Fixed race in emscripten_futex_wait
  • Fixed setting GL enum error instead of throwing TypeError