WebAssembly Emscripten

Here you can download Emscripten SDK modified by Samsung. It has Samsung Smart TV specific APIs added and some bugs fixed, compared to the original version.

Emscripten SDK

Release Notes

  • Toolchain:

    • added socket hostbindings support
    • fixed race condition between emscripten_futex_wait and emscripten_futex_wake for main thread
    • fixed pthread_mutex_timedlock so that it can be cancelled properly
    • fixed reporting errors in sockets close() operation
    • fixed race between exiting thread and joining it
    • preloaded files can now be fetched in the main thread only
  • Tizen WASM Player:

    • implemented support for low-latency video decoding
    • implemented support for ultra-low-latency video decoding
    • updated Samsung Developers links
    • updated player close reasons
    • added checking sample format while adding audio track to EMSS