Getting Started

The best way to extend your mobile content experience onto the best quality screen and speakers


The Samsung Smart View SDK enables to create compelling multiscreen experience that connects mobile and TV or speakers. The SDK provides a set of APIs and sample applications that to support your integration.

UX Guidelines

With the Samsung Smart View SDK, you can develop mobile apps that can stream multimedia content from mobile devices to Samsung Smart TVs. Be sure to review the SmartView SDK UX Guidelines for best practices.

Application Types

These are the types of application options you can create.

When you create a Smart View enabled apps, you have to implement both the sender and receiver side applications.


Discover and launch compatible receiver devices and communicate with the connected devices

  • Android

    for Android mobile apps
  • iOS

    for iOS mobile apps
  • JavaScript

    for web sites running on any modern web browsers


Play the requested contents or control from the connected sender devices

* New Cloud TV app is not supported after '19.

Spec & Features

Types of Smart View enabled apps

Addressable devices (TV year model) differ for TV platforms(Tizen/Legacy Platform) and types of Smart View enabled apps.

Click here to find more details on each each type of Smart View enabled apps.

Receiver device 2017 TV 2016 TV 2015 TV 2014 TV Speaker
Installed TV app

DMP(Default Media Player)

(Video, Music, Photo)

(Video, Music, Photo)

(Video, Music, Photo)


(Music only)

Supported Features on Smart View SDK

Addressable devices for each feature differ from TV models as each feature may depends on hardware or software spec of devices.

Features 2017 TV 2016 TV 2015 TV 2014 TV Note
BLE Discovery

Web casting (using JS API)

O O O X Temporarily disabled '14 TVs
WoW (Wake on Wireless LAN)

O O X X Recently compatibility issue found with '15 TVs, working to support on '15 TV as well
Multi Tasking

TLS (secure connection)

O O O X NOTE: TLS supports Android/iOS sender app and JS receiver app. Not support JS sender 2.3.7 higher / iOS 2.3.8 higher / JS 2.3.3 higher

Enhanced WOW feaure is released android/iOS 2.4.0

  • Refer to Sender Apps Enhanced Feature developer guide both Android & iOS


Each API (Android, iOS, Javascript) contains it’s own overview and reference documentation.

Downloads SmartView SDK Library

Sample Applications

Each application contains an Android, iOS, and Javascript mobile application, and a HTML based TV application. Please view the source code in each sample to understand the basic workflow when using the SDK.

Downloads Sample Application

Smart View SDK Forum

Meet other developers in the forum.

Ask questions, find answers and communicate with others developing with SmartViewSDK.

  • Select "Smart TV" board.
  • Make New Thread and select a category "SmartViewSDK"

Reference Videos

Smart View SDK with Emulator

You can use the emulator with the Smart View SDK to test launching installed TV apps also DMP. The emulator contains the exact same functionality as an actual TV, which allows you to fully test your application on your computer before you test on the TV. Refer to Receiver Apps.