Testing Samsung Checkout on TV

For testing In-app purchases and payments in your application, please follow below process.

Pre-Conditions before Starting Test

  1. Join in Samsung Seller Office and register your applications.
  2. Set 'Billing' field to 'Use' and 'Samsung Checkout on TV' field to 'Yes' (Prerequisites)
  3. Join DPI portal and create Product.
  4. (For verifying subscription plan) Add New Subscription group and plan.
  5. Register Test Buyer.

Testing Basic Checkout Purchase Workflow

  1. Launch your application.
  2. Request the purchase list to DPI Server.
  3. Request the product list to DPI Server.
  4. Call Samsung Checkout to buyItem.
    1. When the user selects “Buy” in the application, provide a common purchase GUI through Samsung Checkout.
    2. The user can enter a voucher or coupon code to modify the purchase price.
    3. The user confirms the purchase by entering a PIN on the common purchase GUI, or biometric information on Samsung Pay.
  5. Request the purchase list to DPI Server.
  6. Call Verify purchase API to DPI Server.
  7. Call Apply the product API to DPI Server.

Testing Upgrade/Downgrade the Subscription Plan

  1. Launch your application
  2. Get the list of products that can be changed in this subscription.(Subscription Plan Change Changeable-products API)
  3. Pre-check the impact of changing subscription products.(Subscription Plan Change Pre-check API)
  4. Reserve Subscription Plan Changes(Subscription Plan Change Reserve API)
  5. Get Subscription Plan Change Reservation Status(Subscription Plan Change Reservation Status API)
  6. Cancel Subscription Plan Change Reservation(Subscription Plan Change Cancel Status API)