Emulator Limitations

This topic describes the limitations of the TV emulator. It also lists known issues with emulator usage.

The TV emulator has some limitations compared to a real TV:

  • Unsupported APIs

    The following table lists the APIs that are not supported by the emulator.

    API Reason
    Hardware dependency
    • getDolbyDigitalCompMode() method of the AVInfo API
    Deprecated since 2016 TV models

    Table 1. Unsupported APIs

  • Unsupported devices and features:

    • Camera device
    • Smart interaction (gesture and voice)
    • 3D
    • Long-press
    • Bluetooth
    • UHD resolution
    • Secure Websockets (for security reasons)

Known Issues

The TV emulator has the following known issues:

  • NaCl projects cannot be debugged on the Google Chrome™ Web browser, due to bugs in Chromium.
  • When the emulator is using a proxy, the Web browser in the emulator shows an IP address in the address bar.
  • The "Apps Search" feature does not work in the emulator, due to issues with connecting to Samsung servers.
  • There are some issues with mouse focus on the emulator.
  • When debugging on an emulator or TV using the Web Inspector, closing the application does not terminate the application process, but sends it to the background. To relaunch the application, reboot the emulator or TV.
  • If you use a MacBook Pro which has both Intel HD and NVIDIA® GPUs, the emulator can be unexpectedly terminated when you execute the emulator with "OpenGL ES Ver" set to "v1.1 & v2.0". Check the emulator configuration in the Emulator Manager, and on the "General" tab in the "Emulator Configuration" window, set "OpenGL ES Ver" to "v2.0 & v3.0".
  • On Windows®, depending on your OS theme (such as Non-Aero themes and Windows XP themes), a display surface can be erased for a while if the emulator window is covered with another window. If you click the emulator window, the display surface runs correctly again.