Using Tizen WASM Player

This section provides a detailed Tizen WASM Player API usage guide.

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Tizen WASM Player provides an ElementaryMediaStreamSource component that acts as a source object for HTMLMediaElement and provides a low level multimedia API targeting WebAssembly that enables applications to work with Media Player on elementary media packets level.

The figure below shows the general idea of interaction between the application and Media Player when using the WASM Player:

Figure 1. Elementary Media Packet > ElementaryMediaTrack > Media Player Data Flow

The application manages Media Player (controlled by HTMLMediaElement) and sends Elementary Media Packet data through ElementaryMediaTrack objects.

The way the application interacts with the WASM Player is partially dependent on the selected mode of operation, however most of the operations are common to all modes. The individual topics in the Tizen WASM Player Usage Guide describe available operations in detail, highlighting areas where the selected mode influences the behavior of the source

Tizen WASM Player Usage Guide

The usage guide has been divided into the following topics: