Importing NaCl Projects

This topic describes how to import development files from a Native Client project.

Related Info

If you have exported project development files from a Native Client (NaCl) project, you can import the project to the Tizen Studio.

To import an existing NaCl project:

  1. In the Tizen Studio menu, go to "File > Import". The "Import Wizard" opens.

  2. Select "General > Existing Projects into Workspace", and click "Next".

    Figure 1. Import wizard

  3. Select whether to import from a root directory or archive file, and click "Browse".

    Figure 2. Import from directory or file

  4. Select the root directory of your application project or select the archive file, and click "OK".

  5. Select the check box for the project you want to import.
    Make sure that the "Copy projects into workspace" check box is selected.

    Figure 3. Select project to import

  6. Click "Finish".
    The selected project is imported to your workspace.