CAPH is a UI framework that allows you to easily and quickly develop high-performance Web applications for Samsung Smart TVs.

CAPH Package

Release Note

CAPH 3.1

If you do not intend to implement touch events, you do not need to update to CAPH 3.1. You can continue using CAPH 3.0.1.

  • Included packages:
    • CAPH 3.1 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.1 Package for jQuery
  • New features:
    • CAPH 3.1 adds support for the Pan, Tap, and Double Tap touch events.

CAPH 3.0.1

This version contains only urgent bug fixes. API usage has not changed.

  • Included packages:

    • CAPH 3.0.1 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.0.1 Package for jQuery
  • Fixed bugs:

    • An issue with Dialog component center alignment has been fixed.
    • An issue with the Focus Controller has been fixed.
    • Issues with the List component:
      • The bug in removing items has been fixed.
      • The bug in ng-repeat behavior has been fixed (AngularJS).

CAPH 3.0

To ease TV Web application development, CAPH 3.0 does not use the base engine from CAPH2. Instead, it can be implemented using either the jQuery or AngularJS frameworks. Depending on the framework you want to use, select the "caph-jquery.js" or "caph-angularjs.js" library.

For more information, such as tutorials, API references, and sample applications, see CAPH3 Documents (Tutorial / API reference).


CAPH 3.0 is not compatible with CAPH2.

  • Included packages:
    • CAPH 3.0 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.0 Package for jQuery
    • CAPH 3.0 Reference App
  • Features:
    • Key navigation
    • UI components: Scrollable List, Dialog, Button, Toggle Button, Radio Button, Checkbox, Input, ContextMenu, DropDownMenu