Extension Libraries

Extension libraries are additional features supported by the Samsung Smart TV. These features are built-in and you can use them to further enhance your application. The features include, for example, the following libraries.

Smart View SDK

Extend your mobile applications to the Big Screen.
Create seamless TV and mobile experiences using Android,
JavaScript, and iOS APIs.

Smart View



The Native Client (NaCl) technology allows you to run native C/C++
applications in a Web browser. Use the power of native code to
 enhance the performance of your Tizen TV Web applications.




TOAST is a very useful tool for TV Web application developers.
Samsung has created TOAST, an open source project, to
reduce overhead in TV Web application development.




CAPH is a Web application UI framework designed for
 easy and quick Smart TV Web application development. You can
develop visually-impressive applications using the CAPH framework.




WebAssembly provides a way to run code written in (among others) C and C++ on the web at near native speed. Using the WebAssembly JavaScript APIs, you can load WebAssembly modules into a JavaScript Smart TV app and share functionality between the two.