Testing Tizen SDK Emulator

This document describes how to test with the Samsung Smart TV SDK Emulator

Testing with the Samsung Smart TV SDK Emulator

You can find instructions on downloading and installing the emulator on Installation of TV SDK. You can use the emulator with the Smart View SDK to test launching installed TV apps also DMP. The emulator contains the exact same functionality as an actual TV, which allows you to fully test your application on your computer before you test on the TV. However, we always recommend that you test on a real TV wherever possible.

To run the sample apps and test your application, you will need to install the TV SDK and Emulator.

Please refer to these instructions for download and installation.

  1. Download TV SDK
    refer to Installation of TV SDK

  2. Set Bridged Network Configuration

    • In order for your mobile device to “discover” the emulator, you need to modify the network settings.
  3. Create your SmartView SDK enabled Tizen Web app

  4. Create your Smart View SDK enabled mobile app