What is UUID?

UUID is Application Specific Unique ID generated for each application on Samsung TVs. The UUID is generated each time the App is installed. If the user reinstalls a particular app, a new UUID will be generated.

When will UUID be available?

UUID is available on all 2019, 2018, 2017,2016 Smart TVs being rolled out in the market starting March 2019.

The target for rolling out UUID on 2015 Smart TVs by end of 2019.

How does UUID help users with Privacy?

Users can reinstall the application and a new UUID is generated at the time of app reinstallation. The new UUID is not connected to the previous UUID, ensuring privacy for the consumer.

How can Content Partners Access UUID?

Content Partners can access the UUID with the following API :

Method Description
GetUUID() Retrieves the Unique App ID

Technical API documentation : UUID

For detailed technical documentation on UUID, take a look at the

[UUID API reference page](AppCommon API)