Exporting NaCl-enabled Projects

This topic describes how to export TV applications that include Native Client modules.

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You can use the Tizen Studio to export a Native Client (NaCl) enabled TV application project in 2 ways:

  • As project development files, enabling you to back up your code or move it to a different computer
  • As a Tizen application package, enabling you to test the application on a TV

Exporting Project Files

You can export your project files to, for example, create a backup or import into a different Tizen Studio installation. Exporting the project ensures that all required files are included.

To export application project files:

  1. In the "Project Explorer" view, select the project.

  2. In the Tizen Studio menu, select "File > Export".

  3. Select "General > Archive File" or "File System", and click "Next".

    Figure 1. Export wizard

  4. Define the files within the project to export, the file name or directory to export to, and export options.

    Figure 2. Export to an archive file

  5. Click "Finish".

Exporting Tizen Application Packages

To export a TV application project as a Tizen application package that you can install and test on a TV:

  1. If you do not have a certificate profile already, create one.
  2. In the "Project Explorer" view, right-click the project and select "Build Signed Package".

    Figure 3. Build signed package

The package is created in the project directory with the same name as the project.