Creating NaCl Projects

This topic describes how to configure the Tizen Studio for working with the NaCl (Native Client) SDK, and how to create a Native Client project.

To create Native Client (NaCl) applications for Samsung TVs, you must use the Tizen Studio with the Samsung NaCl SDK. The Samsung NaCl SDK provides additional TV-specific interfaces beyond those supported by the Google Chrome™ NaCl SDK.


To develop NaCl applications for Samsung TVs:

  1. Install Python 2.7 or higher on your computer.
    Make sure that the "python" executable is accessible from your PATH environment variable.

  2. Install the Samsung TV SDK, which includes the Tizen Studio and the extensions needed to develop TV applications.

  3. Install the Samsung NaCl SDK version you want to use.
    You can do this in 2 ways:

    • Since Samsung TV Extensions 5.0, download and install the Samsung NaCl SDK using the NaCl SDK Manager.
    • Install the Samsung NaCl SDK manually:
      1. Download the Samsung NaCl SDK to your computer and extract the "nacl_sdk" folder to a location of your choice.

      2. Open the NaCl SDK Manager.
        In the Tizen Studio, select "Window > Preferences > Tizen Studio > NaCl".

      3. Enter the full path to your "nacl_sdk" folder in the "NaCl SDK root" field, or click "Browse" to open the file browser and select the folder.

      4. Click "Apply and Close".

Creating NaCl Projects

To create a NaCl project:

  1. In the Tizen Studio, select "File > New > Other".

  2. Select "Tizen > Samsung TV > Tizen NaCl App (C/C++)", and click "Next".

    Figure 2. Select project type

  3. Define the project name, project folder, and programming language. Select the NaCl toolchain ("pepper_xx") that you want to use, and click "Next".

    Figure 3. Define project properties

  4. Select whether to create an example project or an empty project, and click "Next".

    • The example projects introduce how to implement various basic NaCl features. For more information, see Sample-based Tutorials.
    • The template project includes code stubs for the interfaces you select from the list.
    • The empty project is a basic NaCl module that does not provide any functionality. It contains only code stubs for the important functions that must be implemented.

      Figure 4. Select project content
  5. Define the position and size for displaying the NaCl module on the Web page, and click "Finish".

    Figure 5. Configure module visibility