Video and Audio Specifications

This topic describes the media formats supported for cloud-based games using WebRTC.
The supported media formats are selected to optimze performance and user experience.

Video Formats

The supported video formats are described in the following table.

Codec Resolution Frame rate

Bit rate

H.264 1280 x 720
1920 x 1080
3840 x 2160

60 ~50Mbps

Table 1: Supported video formats


Cloud game video has the following limitations:

  • The video bitrate depends on the video format and the complexity of the application logic while the game is streaming.
  • FHD panel models do not support 4K video content. To check the panel's maxmium resolution, use the isUdPanelSupported() method of the Product Info API.
  • Dynamic video resoluation is supported. As a buffer, you must feed a minimum 1 second of video at constant resolution.
  • Dynamic frame rate is not supported.

Audio Formats

The supported audio formats are described in the following table.

Codec Channel Sample rate
OPUS 2 48Khz

Table 2: Supported audio formats