Setting Up Development Environment

This topic describes the tools you need to start creating Tizen .NET TV applications. You can develop .NET TV applications in Visual Studio with the "Visual Studio Tools for Tizen" plugin, and test them with the Samsung TV emulator.

To develop and test Tizen .NET TV applications for Samsung Smart TVs, set up your development environment by installing the following tools:

  • Tizen Studio 2.2 and TV Extension

    The TV Extension for Tizen Studio 2.2 includes the TV emulator, which allows you to test your Tizen .NET TV applications.

  • Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

    This plugin for Visual Studio includes the tools you need to develop Tizen .NET applications, such as the Project Wizard, Tizen Manifest Editor, Certificate Manager and Emulator Manager.

After installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen, set Tizen Studio tools path referring to Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.