How to manage multi app IDs

1. Submission with App ID

We recommend that you use the App ID (provided at your submission) on Launching Installed TV app from a Mobile application. When you submit your Installed TV app, please replace the package ID (e.g. myAppforSmartView) in your build which has been used for development with the app ID (e.g. 111299000796).

2. Same App ID across platform

We recommend that you retain the same App ID for all of your TV apps across different TV models and years. This will ensure that you can reliably connect to all Samsung Smart TVs through a single mobile application. This is true if you are considering, or have already, migrated your TV application over to the Tizen platform. Using the same App ID not only helps avoid unnecessary decision needed to check for different App Ids on different platforms, it also allows you to focus instead - on checking the version numbers of your TV app so that you can message your users if your casting functionality is enabled your TV app on their Smart TV or not. Sometimes, you may have to change the App Id due to legitimate reasons like reissuing a certificate or other related reasons. In that case, please raise a question via "Seller office" > "Support" > "1:1 Q&A" and we can help provide you with advice for how to handle any additional logic you may need to reliably detect and launch different App IDs across supported TV models.