Building WebAssembly TV Application

This section describes how to build a TV application that has at least one WebAssembly module added.

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Building Hello WebAssembly TV Application

In the "Project Explorer" view, right-click the Hello WebAssembly TV application project that you created in Creating "Hello WebAssembly" TV Application and select "Build Project".

Building WebAssembly TV Applications in General

To build a TV application project that includes one or more WebAssembly modules:

  1. Define the build configuration separately for each WebAssembly module in the application.

    If you have multiple modules, they do not need to use the same Emscripten SDK or build configuration.

    For more information, see Building and Cleaning WebAssembly Modules.

  2. In the "Project Explorer" view, right-click the TV application project and select "Build Project". The TV application project is built.

Build artifacts for each WebAssembly module can be found in the "CurrentBin" directory within the module's project.

Figure 1. Build Results

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