Downloading and Installing

This section describes how to download and install the components required for WebAssembly TV applications development in Tizen Studio.

Emscripten SDK

To build C/C++ source code of WebAssembly modules so that they can be run on a Samsung Smart TV, you need a Samsung Emscripten SDK fork.


The Samsung Emscripten SDK fork differs from the open source one. It has additional API provided and may have some additional fixes. For information on those differences, see the Release Notes on the Download page.

  1. Download the Emscripten SDK suitable to your operating system (Linux, Windows and Mac are supported)
  2. Uncompress the SDK:
    • Unzip the downloaded emscripten-<version>-<os>.zip file
  3. Activate the SDK:
    • Enter emscripten-release-bundle/emsdk directory
    • Execute command:
      • Linux and Mac OS: ./emsdk activate latest-fastcomp
      • Windows OS: emsdk activate latest-fastcomp

After successful activation a configuration file is created and typically located in current user's home directory:

  • Linux OS: /home/<user>/.emscripten
  • Mac OS: /Users/<user>/.emscripten
  • Windows OS: C:\Users\<user>\.emscripten

That file is required by Tizen Studio for building WebAssembly modules.

Tizen Studio

Download and install the Tizen Studio following this guideline.