Downloading and Installing

This section describes how to download and install the components required for WebAssembly TV applications development in Tizen Studio.

Emscripten SDK

To build C/C++ source code of WebAssembly modules so that they can be run on a Samsung Smart TV, you need a Samsung Emscripten SDK fork.

  1. Download the Emscripten SDK suitable to your operating system (Linux, Windows and Mac are supported)
  2. Uncompress the SDK:
    • Unzip the downloaded emscripten-<version>-<os>.zip file
  3. Activate the SDK:
    • Enter emscripten-release-bundle/emsdk directory
    • Execute command:
      • Linux and Mac OS: ./emsdk activate latest-fastcomp
      • Windows OS: emsdk activate latest-fastcomp

After successful activation a configuration file is created and typically located in current user's home directory:

  • Linux OS: /home/<user>/.emscripten
  • Mac OS: /Users/<user>/.emscripten
  • Windows OS: C:\Users\<user>\.emscripten

That file is required by Tizen Studio for building WebAssembly modules.

Tizen Studio

Download and install the Tizen Studio following this guideline.