This document describes how to debug a receiver application and smartview TV server.

TV's Infomation

  • Input http://TV_IP:8001/api/v2/ a browser as same network AP


  • if 404 or 500 error return, try to reboot the TV.
    (It means SmartView SDK server in not work)

Server Infomation

Server logging

  • select 'error log' type and enter 'view logs'
  • open http://TV_IP:8001/logs/ automatically
  • you can catch all message of sender - server - receiver


Allow All Content

  • Cloud Apps must be "whitelisted" in order to be launched on a Samsung SmartTV
  • To make development easier, the whitelist is disabled by default.
  • Checking the "Allow All Content" and Submit.
  • Then you can test your cloud apps.

Debugging Tizen Web App